Solution for Food Factory

Solution for Food Factory

Solution for Food Factory

Application of Food liquid

In the process of applying food liquid such as oil, the following is requested to prevent the food liquid from scattering.

① Reduce the atomization pressure as much as possible to reduce the scattering.
② Paint the entire surface of the work efficiently

However, if the atomization pressure is lowered with a normal spray gun, the spraying area will be reduced and the work efficiency will be reduced.

HACCP of Compressed Air

Compressed Air used for spraying and packaging machines is exhausted inside the factory.
If compressed air have oil and dust, It pose a risk of contaminating the factory.
On HACCP, it is important to take measures without leaving such risks unattended.

A : Solution

Spray gun with spiral atomizing air flow

Spray gun with spiral atomizing air flow solves the problem! Eight slits engraved on the nozzle swirl the food solution.
This has the following advantages:


Oilfree Air Compressor

Oil free compressor solves the problem! From the HACCP, continuing to use oil injection compressors have a great risk.
You can minimize  risk by replace to oil free compressor.

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