Our Japanese-standard quality products

A diverse selection of Japanese-standard coating and spraying equipment suitable for general industry work, automobile parts manufacturing, electrical devices manufacturing, car body paint and spray works are available here. Our products help customers manufacture goods to their anticipated standards while having good quality work piece and being environment-friendly.

Maintenance kit

Spray gun support

Product Detail

Local pressure gauge


Compact and light valve can make spray man handle spray gun easy
Model : AJR-02S-VG, Mass : 120g
Connection : air nipple G1/4

Aqua dry gun


Most suitable for water-based paints which dry slowly.
It can be used to dry solvent-based paints.
Plastic grip is suitable for Anest Iwata spray guns with soft texture.

ModelMax. Air pressureSTD. inlet Air pressureAir consumptionNoise levelOperating Air temperature
ADG-1BV0.68 Mpa0.1 Mpa390 L/min78 dB(A)5-43 °C

The W 2KIT55UK includes:

  • 2 Big Surface Brushes
  • 1 Flat Brush
  • 1 Big Twisted Brush
  • 3 Twisted Brushes (1x Ø 10mm – 1x Ø 5mm – 1x Ø 3mm)
  • 1 Tiny Twisted Brush – 12 Cleaning
  • Needles – Premier Maintenance Grease

Mag stand magnetic supports

Gravity gun holders

Magnetic spray tester

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